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Boost Your Property's Value with Electrical Retrofitting

You love your property, but it's old, and you suspect there may be some problems with the electrical system. You're not alone—many of the old buildings in town simply aren't equipped to handle the electrical output that they are subjected to.

Our skilled team can update your property to be fully compliant with all of the latest requirements for safety, while also helping reduce your monthly bills by creating an electrical sypstem that is much more efficient.

Experienced Electricians to Analyze the Situation

It's easy to not pay too close attention to what's hidden behind the walls of your home or office, but staying with an outdated electrical system can cause serious problems, not to mention rack up a hefty bill month after month. Older systems aren't as efficient as current models, so if your wiring is out of date it's likely you're paying more per month than you should be. Brownie Electric, Inc is highly experienced in the retrofitting of electrical systems big and small, and can transform your current system into something that works better and saves you money.

Why Is Retrofitting Important?

Even if the lights still come on when you flick the switch, it's possible that the wiring in your home is outdated and unsafe. Placing too much stress on an old electrical system increases the risk of it overheating, potentially causing a fire or other severe damage.

Thankfully, this is a problem easily solved by retrofitting. While it may be a lengthy process, electrical retrofitting is a necessary part of correcting an old system, and when handled by the professionals at Brownie Electric, Inc it can add immense value to your home.

How Does Electrical Retrofitting Work?

The first step in the retrofitting process is to careful inspect every inch of your electrical system, taking note of anything that needs updating. From there, we can provide you with a quote for the retrofitting process. Our rates are highly competitive, making us one of the most affordable companies in town for retrofitting work.

Once we get to work on the retrofitting, we'll replace everything from the lighting fixtures to the wiring, swapping them out for new, energy efficient technologies that are in line with current safety standards. In doing so, not only do we ensure your system is able to handle high levels of energy output, but we also enhance your property's value with the addition of greener systems. It's a win-win for you!