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Although we may not often think about how much we rely on electricity, we are typically quick to notice when it stops working. That’s why it helps to have a dependable local electrician in your contacts list that can help solve all your electrical problems. That is where we come in. Brownie Electric, Inc is the only name you need to know for quality electrical work.

Whenever you reach our line, you will always get the great rates and friendly customer service that we have become known for. Contact us today at (856) 663-6466.

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Contact a Licensed Electrician

When it comes to working with the electrical wiring and connections in your home or commercial space, it’s safe to say you want someone who knows what they’re doing. With that in mind, we are a fully licensed electrical company that is completely qualified to look after your property. We work attentively and safely to make sure that your building’s electrical is running optimally. Whenever you are looking for an electrician, you can trust, look no further than Brownie Electric, Inc.

Book an Electrical Inspection

If you are facing problems with your electrical appliances or wiring, or if it’s been a few years since you had your systems inspected, it may be time to call our professionals. We will book an inspection at your earliest convenience.

During the inspection, we will determine:

  • If the electrical wiring and appliances in your home adequately suit your needs
  • If there are any fire or safety risks associated with your electrical systems
  • If your electrical circuits or equipment is overloaded
  • If there are pressing damages that need to be addressed

When the inspection is complete, we will provide you with a report outlining the state of your electrical wiring. This report will also include any recommendations we have to improve its function and efficiency.

If it’s been more than five years since your electricity was inspected, don’t wait any longer. Call us today.

When to Call an Electrician

If you face any problems with the electricity in your home or business, it’s best to contact an electrician rather than tackle the issue yourself. Some of our client’s most frequent problems include the following:

  • Tripping
  • Blown fuses
  • Overloaded power systems
  • Flickering or dimmed lights
  • Outdated electrical systems
  • Warm switches, outlets, and points of power
  • Buzzing or noises coming from outlets
  • Frequent blackouts
  • Burning smell

If you experience the above situations, don’t continue to put you and your property at risk. Get on the phone with our experts, explain the problem, and allow us to deal with it for you. We’ll give you the right steps to keep yourself safe until we can reach you.

A Complete Range of Electrical Work

Our goal is to be the only resource you need to get any electrical services you are looking for. We believe that we are never done learning, and we are continually expanding our skills and improving our abilities. Brownie Electric, Inc should be the first name that comes to mind whenever you are looking for professional electrical.

Some of the superb services we provide include:

  • New construction electrical
  • Electrical repair
  • Electrical remodeling
  • Landscape and security electrical
  • Solar panels
  • Rewiring
  • Standby generators
  • And much more

24-Hour Emergency Electrician

Electrical problems rarely wait for a convenient time to spring up. That’s why we are happy to provide a 24/7 emergency electrical service. Our professional contractors are always on-call and ready to respond quickly to anyone who reaches our line. Whenever you contact us, you can count on receiving a quick resolution to whatever problem you are facing, so that you can get back to your routine as soon as possible.

Electrical Appliance Installations

Have you recently purchased a new water heater, fridge, stove, ceiling fan, or lighting system? Do you need a hand getting it up and running? Brownie Electric, Inc is the name to know and the team to call.

While some property owners may try and save a few bucks by installing electrical appliances on their own, we don’t encourage you to do so. Safe and effective electrical installation is quite a bit trickier than it’s cracked up to be. If you want to make the most of your new systems and appliances, it’s best to leave this application in the hands of professionals.

We will ensure that your systems are installed in compliance with the manufacturer's regulations so you can enjoy seamless functioning.

Electricians Committed To Customer Satisfaction

We strive for perfection on every job we take. For us, no job is considered a success unless you are totally satisfied with both our work and service. For that reason, we do everything we can to accommodate our clients and make sure they stay informed throughout the entire process. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience with our company, we encourage you to let us know.

Great Rates on Professional Electrical Services

You can’t always plan for electrical issues to arise, and sometimes it will catch you by surprise. When it does, you don’t want to be paying exurbanite fees to receive the services you require. Brownie Electric, Inc is proud to offer some of the most competitive rates in the local industry. We will ensure you’re entirely aware of the cost of our services before we get to work by providing you with a detailed, comprehensive cost estimate.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the cost of our electrical services, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll do what we can to accommodate your needs.

Efficient Electrical Services

We do more than provide some of the most dependable electrical work in Cherry Hill—we also do so with impressive efficiency. Our broad knowledge and hardworking approach ensure that we get all your work done within the estimated time frame.

We complete every service on schedule without sacrificing the quality of our workmanship – that’s our guarantee.

Remarkable Electricians In Cherry Hill

Give your property the best service possible by hiring our electrical contractors. We are fully equipped to provide you with all the electrical work you could ask for. Give us a call at (856) 663-6466 for prompt and professional service.